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First Week of Pregnancy

Important Things To Do
Confirmed news of your pregnancy and conception can be one of the happiest moments of your life. It marks the birth of the mother in you along with that of your baby. This is also a time of your life when you need to take good care of yourself. Special attention needs to be given to diets and fluid intakes at regular intervals. Over the next couple of weeks you will develop several new symptoms and tendencies that are otherwise new to your experience. You have to prepare yourself mentally to be strong and stable to bring about a healthy development of the baby inside you.

However there are several things to start with. In the first week of pregnancy, you will have to consult your doctor over several issues. Primarily it starts with the calculation of your due date.  The doctor will need some accurate details from you about the date of the first day of your last menstrual period. The due date will be calculated at a period of 40 weeks from this date. The accuracy of arriving at your due date will depend entirely on the same of your information.

In the first week of pregnancy you will also be told about your trimester periods. There are three trimesters within the pregnancy period. Starting from the first week until the 12th is the first trimester. The second trimester starts from the 13th week and continues until the 26th week of pregnancy. From the 27th week of your pregnancy until labor and delivery, you will be in the third and final trimester.

The first week of pregnancy is only a preparation of a uterus to receive the fertilized egg from a result of the ovulation. This is the time when your body is preparing itself for the weeks to come. The walls of the uterus will gradually thicken and your body will develop changes for the same as well. According to doctors the state of pregnancy commences prior to the formation of the foetus and then the baby. It starts from the time of the period of ovulation when an egg released through the fallopian tube waits for fertilization by sperms. This can be successful only within a span of 24 hours which is marked as the period of ovulation.

Second week of pregnancy

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