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Second Week Pregnancy

Care And Caution
The second week of pregnancy is more about careful planning and organizing your life; this is more of a preparation for the weeks to come when you will be in a crucial stage where the baby takes shape out of a foetus within you. Consult your doctor and also finalize on the gynecologist doctor you will be consulting in the weeks to come. You will have to be in constant touch with your doctor from now on and take regular consultations on the kind of care and precaution that needs to be followed. You may also finalize on the selection of a caregiver to take you through until the final days of your pregnancy. There are medical offices and clinics that can refer certified midwives and caregivers for you as well.

The second week pregnancy also signifies the stage of the first trimester of your pregnancy in which you are in at present. Medically speaking a doctor will not refer to you as pregnant. The process of fertilization of the egg by the sperms will begin towards the end of the second week. It will be an official commencement of your pregnancy when you will be able to deliver a child. Simultaneously this week the body continues its preparation for the development and birth of a child. There is a steady secretion of the follicle-stimulating hormone and a natural strengthening of the walls of the uterus.

Towards the end of the second week you will be halfway on your process of the menstruation period. This is the exact time when the ovulation has begun you are most likely to conceive if you continue with regular sexual activity without the use of any form of protection. The sperms from your partner will be successful in fertilizing the waiting egg in the fallopian tube. One of the sperms will be able to make its way through to the egg and create life within it in the coming weeks. There is no immediate change in your body that you will experience right away. However, the process has already commenced and soon your doctor will give you the positive news as well.

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