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Third Week of Pregnancy

You Are Pregnant!
You will miss your periods on its due date. Though there are various other reasons that this can happen to you this is also the first sign of your pregnancy. Though there are women who may claim to know the period from which their ovulation process is initiate it is highly unlikely. Although the baby has taken possession of your womb, it is nothing but a formation of a globule of cells and blood. There are women who may also experience a period of discharges that they misconstrue as their menstruation periods. You are in the initial stages of your pregnancy and soon start experiencing various symptoms that marks the earliest stages of your pregnancy during the first trimester.

You will start to experience some of the earliest symptoms as your body prepares itself for childbirth. There is steady secretion of hormonal levels within your body. These comprise of estrogen and progesterone mainly, which is a basic stage for the bodily preparation for the coming weeks of development of the baby within the body. You will gradually experience the otherwise tight ligaments and muscles of your body becoming more flexible that helps in creation of more space within the body. This is important to make for more room for the baby in the coming weeks within your body. There is a greater generation of blood within the body at this time of your pregnancy. It helps in the production of nutrients and oxygen – two of the primary requirements for your baby.

The third week pregnancy period is also a time for symptoms like fatigue and mood swings. You will tend to feel tired and lack of energy or enthusiasm at times. Your mood swings may cause you to feel depressed. There is a significant change in the breasts. These will become tender and swollen at this stage of your pregnancy. This will also be accompanied by a slow pain which is discomforting. The breasts start to develop changes from the beginning of your pregnancy period when these prepare for the creation of milk after the baby is born. Discuss these changes with your doctor in detail. Some women feel a slight pain in their stomach at this stage which feels like a cramp; this is the pain that comes when the fertilized egg plants itself on the uterine wall.

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